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During your visit to the Ship Model Reserve, step into the shoes of a museum curator and discover a unique venue usually off limits to the public…

Some of the largest ships in history showcased in miniature size

At the Musée maritime du Québec, visitors have special access to one of the most intriguing exhibition rooms there is: the Scale Model Reserve. Open for guided tours only, this facility features over 200 scale models of the largest ships known in history.

A controlled environment

The room located on the fourth level of the Museum is very special. Temperature and humidity levels in each vault are controlled, based on the materials of the objects stored within. This guarantees optimal conservation conditions. In case of power outage, a generator can power all the reserve halls and maintain a controlled environment.

However, please note that this room is not an exhibition hall. It is a reserve designed to ensure the protection, appropriate handling and conservation of the objects housed within. Therefore, the scale models are not set up in the room to be showcased, but to provide easier access to the conservation team responsible for their care.

Visits by reservation

During the summer, you can visit the Ship Model Reserve at specific times. Book your place when you purchase your ticket. From Labour Day to Thanksgiving, tours are only offered on weekends.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Limited number of places

Three good reasons to visit this exhibition

  • Admire huge scaled-down replicas over two metres tall
  • Enjoy a behind-the-scenes experience at the Museum
  • Experience a unique, customized tour with a trained guide

A glance at the exhibition


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