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Travelling exhibitions

Are you looking to complete your museum’s program with a particular exhibition? Or are you looking to expand the cultural offerings of your municipality located along the St. Lawrence River? The Musée maritime du Québec offers collections that you can readily integrate into your temporary exhibitions. Contribute to passing on maritime history with our travelling exhibitions!

Beacons Burning Bright

Showcase the history of lighthouses in Quebec with the Beacons Burning Bright exhibition!

In the 19th century, maritime traffic increased on the St. Lawrence River, causing many accidents. Faced with major losses, merchants and ship owners demanded changes. As a result, a network of lighthouses was established in the Gulf and the St. Lawrence River. The lighthouses served for close to two centuries as beacons warning seamen when approaching land.

Exhibition Description

The unique content of this travelling exhibition will fascinate your visitors! Beacons Burning Bright highlights the main lighthouses of the St. Lawrence, their functions and their impact in the life of mariners. The exhibition contents require a hall of some X m2 and includes the following pieces: 

  • Photographs by Patrick Matte, lighthouse hunter
  • Lighthouse artefacts
  • Lighthouse replicas
  • Learning paths including explanatory texts on the history of lighthouses in Quebec

The exhibition is the result of collaborative efforts between the Musée maritime du Québec, the Corporation des gestionnaires de phares de l’estuaire et du golfe Saint-Laurent, the Amis du Port Joli organization and photographer Patrick Matte.

The Atlantic on a Raft – 88 Days Adrift

Learn about an incredible seafaring story through The Atlantic on a Raft – 88 Days Adrift travelling exhibition.

On May 24, 1956, three men and two cats boarded the L’Égaré II raft. They set out on a daring journey to cross the Atlantic, from Canada to England. Their maritime feat attracted the attention of the media around the world. Inspire your visitors with this fascinating 88-day adventure! An exhibition celebrating courage, perseverance and the pushing of personal limits.

Exhibition Description

This bilingual travelling exhibition will captivate your visitors with its intimate portrait of those fearless seamen. Visitors can explore this daring endeavour to cross the Atlantic through the crew’s personal archives. The exhibition in the form of a logbook highlights the hazards of this fascinating sea adventure. Its contents require a hall of some 21 m(225 ft2) and exhibits include the following pieces: 

  • 1/3-scaled-down replica of the L’Égaré II raft
  • The personal archives of Henri Beaudout, expedition leader
  • Period journals chronicling the achievement
  • A 15-minute documentary produced by Ryan Barnett

(available in English upon request)

This travelling exhibition is an initiative of the Musée maritime du Québec. It was created with the financial support of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, Hydro-Québec, the Association maritime du Québec and the Municipality of L’Islet.

Hosting a MMQ travelling exhibition

Would you like to enhance your cultural and tourism offer? Host a travelling exhibition from the Musée maritime du Québec!