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With the ebb and flow of tide and time, Quebeckers have forged strong ties with the St. Lawrence River. At once vital, changing and merciless, the River remains an inescapable and fascinating part of their lives…

The Exhibition

The St. Lawrence River shaped the history of Quebec and is a true icon of the Québécois identity. It fostered economic development and a deeply anchored maritime culture that nurtures the collective imagination even today.

Explore the Sea Roots exhibition to learn about the host of amazing, rich attributes of the extensive water course that crosses this land. Make the most of this opportunity to appreciate the many challenges and hazards that lurk under the River and the extent of its impact on the lives of seafarers and shore dwellers alike since the earliest days through unbelievable tales.

Navigation Stories

Visit the Sea Roots exhibition and encounter captains, St. Lawrence pilots and navigation officers. Portions of our common maritime past are revealed through video witness accounts and the presentation of artefacts and archival photos. Your tour of the exhibition will spark your imagination and will likely give you some chills… You will also be invited to answer this question: And you? What is your connection to the River? 

The messagealamer Work of Art

As a complement to the Sea Roots exhibition, the Musée maritime du Québec presents the messagealamer, a work of art integrated into the museum’s architecture. Locate the giant loudspeaker outdoor, in the waterfront park behind the museum. The installation was designed by sculptor and mariner Pierre Bourgault to pay an artistic and poetic tribute to the connection between mankind and the River. 

Rendezvous at the waterfront park at 3 p.m., any day, during the summer. Lend an ear and let the audio clips selected from among the 3,500 messages left by visitors to the museum since 2013 carry you away. Peggy Bélanger, Amélie Harvey and Christian Michaud are the performers who bring the messages to life. 

The messagealamer work of art was made possible through the support of the policy of integrating art into the architecture and environment of government and public buildings and sites adopted by the Government of Québec.

Engaging Exhibition

Would you also like to contribute to this work of art? Go to the former convent sanctuary and write down your memories and wishes for the St. Lawrence River. You can access this space through the Sea Roots exhibition hall.

Three good reasons to visit Sea Roots

  • To learn about the tradition of christening ships and its importance
  • To gain a better understanding of the many hazards sailors face at sea, such as collisions, running aground and shipwrecks
  • To find out where maritime legends live on in Quebec and where treasure troves lie buried at the bottom of the St. Lawrence

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