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Tribute to the People of the St. Lawrence

Corporation des gestionnaires de phares de l’estuaire et du golfe du Saint-Laurent (2015)

Contribution to maritime life in Quebec

In 2015, the Musée maritime du Québec (MMQ) paid tribute to the Corporation des gestionnaires de phares de l’estuaire et du golfe Saint-Laurent. This non-profit organization was founded in 2001 to ensure the conservation and enhancement of the lighthouses of the Estuary and Golf of St. Lawrence. It also seeks to heighten the awareness of various segments of the population about the issues and problems affecting those symbols from a bygone era. The MMQ wishes to acknowledge the work and dedication of the Corporation and its members. Owing to their sustained efforts and vision, the preservation of the lighthouses is ensured and there is growing interest in such maritime hallmarks.  

The Museum salutes the enthusiasm and rigour of the volunteers and administrators of the Corporation’s member lighthouses. Together, they succeeded in structuring fundraising, developing commercial agreements, ensuring the integrity of the lighthouses and enhancing their visibility.  

The origin of the Corporation

The central idea behind the foundation of the Corporation was to pool all the efforts of several lighthouse managers to market a lighthouse trail. The concept could easily be exported and promote Quebec’s maritime heritage. The fast development of the Corporation from its onset and the vitality of the organization today are the results of the sustained efforts made by a number of enthusiastic volunteers. The contributions of Serge Guay and Annemarie Bourassa (from the Musée de la mer –known today as the Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père) combined with input from the Corporation’s executive members in 2015 – Peter Noreau, Jean Cloutier and Arlette Fortin – were highlighted when the Museum paid tribute to the Corporation.