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Tribute to the People of the St. Lawrence

Paul Terrien (2013)

His contribution to maritime life in Quebec

In 2013, the Musée maritime du Québec paid special tribute to Paul Terrien for his efforts to have Captain Joseph-Elzéar Bernier and his outstanding achievements recognized. Terrien, a journalist, served as a Quebec delegate, chief of staff for the federal departments of Transportation and Foreign Affairs and speech writer for three Canadian prime ministers. He authored several books, including Les Mémoires de J.-E. Bernier, marin, explorateur et découvreur. Published in 2013, this book highlights the outstanding contributions of Captain Bernier, whose legacy has been celebrated at the museum since its foundation.

About Paul Terrien

Paul Terrien was born in 1949. He had a long career as a political journalist. His literary work includes the book Les grands discours de l’histoire du Québec. Terrien particularly worked for the recognition of Captain J.-E. Bernier by writing his memoirs.