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Tribute to the People of the St. Lawrence

Monique and Delphis Duhamel (2017)

Their contribution to maritime life in Quebec

In 1964, a greeting ritual was initiated at Cap-Charles, in Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent. Monique and Delphis Duhamel established a ceremony to salute all the navigators sailing the St. Lawrence along their waterfront home. The ritual included the raising of a flag and the playing of a national anthem that could be heard across the St. Lawrence River. The couple held ceremonies for 51 years and recorded the names of over 70,000 ships that went by their home. In 2017, the Musée maritime du Québec paid tribute to the Duhamel couple as ambassadors of the St. Lawrence River. The couple later gifted the Museum with items that illustrate Quebeckers’ attachment to the seafaring world: their mast, halyards, hand-sewn flags and the logs they kept until 2015.

About Monique and Delphis Duhamel

Monique and Delphis Duhamel are parents to five children. They live at Cap-Charles, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. The passage of the River is quite narrow at that point along its course. One day, the couple decided to make the most of this proximity by saluting all the navigators sailing by their home. They raised the spirits of both the St. Lawrence River pilots and seamen from almost every country in the world with their ritual. This unique gesture across the world highlights the solidarity of seafaring people, as well as the sense of hospitality and creativity of the people of the St. Lawrence.