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The sailing ship is a symbol of pride, passion and courage. It was driven by this sacred fire that navigator Bouvier achieved his outstanding crossing on the J.E. Bernier II…

The Ship Museum

From 1976 to 1979, navigator Réal Bouvier marked history aboard the J.E. Bernier II. This sailing ship became the smallest vessel to sail the challenging Northwest Passage. Back then, this portion of the Atlantic was well-known for its rough sailing conditions in ice. It was also during the same three-year journey that the sailing ship broke a new record: it became the smallest vessel and first sailing ship ever to sail around North America.

You’re in luck! The Musée maritime du Québec houses the J.E. Bernier II. Come and see it up close!

The J.E. Bernier II: a Sailing Ship to Admire

The historical vessel stands proudly in the eastern section of the waterfront park. Seize the opportunity get some fresh air and let the kids run free. Since no one is allowed on board, take the time to admire it from every angle. It is amazing that such a small pleasure boat was built in 1975 for the specific purpose of sailing through the Northwest Passage! 

Three interesting facts about the J.E. Bernier II sailing ship and its crew

  • This sailing ship was named J.E. Bernier II in memory of Captain Joseph-Elzéar Bernier. An exhibition is actually dedicated to this remarkable Quebec navigator at the Musée maritime du Québec.
  • During their historic journey, navigator Réal Bouvier and his crew wintered twice in the Far North.
  • The crew had the opportunity to see an iceberg overturn, right after filming it up close.

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