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Keep your ears open and give free rein to your imagination. The Ernest Lapointe icebreaker will reveal sounds to inspire your every sense…

Let your imagination drift away with the unique world of sounds onboard the Ernest Lapointe

Beginning in March 2021, the Musée maritime du Québec will offer visitors an unusually immersive exhibition: discover the Ernest Lapointe icebreaker and learn about all its features through an innovative digital experience. Imagine life aboard the ship thanks to the creative soundscape designed by artist Caroline Gagné. All in all, more than 120 soundscapes comprised of archival excerpts and recordings made aboard the Ernest Lapointe and other ships went into the design of this original soundscape. 

Showcased in the hall located on the third level of the Museum, Icebreaker: an immersive sound experience on the Ernest Lapointe will invite visitors to drift back in time, letting the sounds inspire their imagination. Artefacts of a bygone era will enhance the venue shrouded in semi-darkness for the occasion. And, for a complete experience, visit the Ernest Lapointe ship museum from May to October!  

This soundscape signed Caroline Gagné was created in close collaboration with the creative studio and MMQ staff.

Visit the sound library to discover the collection.

Let’s have fun at the museum with Ernest Sonore

The fun-filled Ernest Sonore workshops are designed for families and elementary and high school groups to complement the Ernest Lapointe audio experience. Try your hand at creating various sounds using an exclusive audio project application. Play with the same 120 seafaring sounds that artist Caroline Gagné used for her soundscape creation for an enjoyable, creative activity full of surprises! Perhaps you will develop a new passion for the world of sounds!

This project was made possible with the financial support of the Government of Québec. 

Three good reasons to visit this exhibition

  • To take the time to stop, listen and travel through time and space
  • To listen to a unique audio composition combining various seafaring sounds from past and present
  • To challenge your sense of hearing with an all-new sound experience at the Museum

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