Musée maritime du Québec – Capitaine J.E. Bernier 55, chemin des Pionniers Est L’Islet (Qc)  G0R 2B0 Telephone : 418 247-5001 or 1 844-310-5001

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Directions :

Zoom in the plan Directions vers le Musée maritime du Québec
One hour from Québec : – Highway 20 – Exit 400 GPS coordinates : Latitude : 47.128400  Longitude : -70.371000 * Free parking ! The museum is located at the heart of the village of L’Islet, on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. This community of 4000 inhabitants once experienced intense maritime activity through its many navigators, including the famous Captain Bernier. The village, founded in 1677 is located on the South Shore, approximately one hour by road from Québec. L’Islet is located on the river, thus it is not surprising that it has furnished some 200 captains and pilots to the Merchant Marine! It has been called, quite appropriately, the sailors’ homeland.

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