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Welcome aboard the Bras d’Or, a very odd experimental vessel developed in Canada that reached record speeds and could almost… fly!

The Ship Museum

How could surveillance be maintained and protection ensured against Soviet submarines that threatened to invade Canadian shores during the Cold War? With the Bras d’Or hydrofoil! It was for this very purpose that the vessel was ordered built by the Royal Canadian Navy in 1963. 

Visit this unique ship and discover all its military research features designed to detect enemy submarines. You will be amazed by its many intriguing components. In fact, did you know that it was mandatory to be qualified as both a sea pilot and an aircraft pilot to steer this watercraft equipped with load-bearing foils?

Step aboard the Bras d’Or

The hydrofoil is open to visitors from May to October. Guided tours are available from June to August. Plan 45 minutes to one hour for your guided tour around the entire vessel.

Enthusiastic guides will show the entire ship, from the engine room to the pilot’s cabin. Sit at the control room of the ship: it is like being in the cockpit of an airplane! Look about carefully to understand the complexity of the navigational instruments and see why a captain’s work requires extensive knowledge and rigour. 

* Boats are closed in low season.

Three good reasons to visit the hydrofoil

  • To explore a marvel of Canadian engineering
  • To discover a vessel that is both a ship and an airplane
  • To visit the fastest military hydrofoil ever built in the world

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